Monday, November 17, 2008

Nintendo Makes YouTube Viral

The question is now that viral marketing is all over YouTube, how do you make YouTube viral? Nintendo Wii use an embedded Flash video or might have gotten cheeky with open source to promote the new Wario Land: Shake It game.

The only problem I had when I wanted to make a blog post, I couldn't stop the video because everything was shaking and couldn't get the embedded code. Plus someone might just think that what they are experiencing is not the Wii, but a virus.

Here is the link to the virus...I mean, video, sorry for the "Shake Up"

The Musical Road

Honda Civic has added a little highway tune for your roadtrip pleasures. If you are out in Lancaster, CA, Honda carved grooves into the road similar to the ones near the edge lines on highways to give you an audible alert when you might be veering off the road. These grooves carved in different widths to make separate tones to comprise the William Tell Overture also known as "The Long Ranger" theme.

Enjoy it now... residents nearby the Civic Musical Road will be having this paved for it is really disrupted. Although this is intriguing for most, the tune will vary due to the speed/tire variety and the such.