Friday, November 30, 2012

Soccer Tournament Programs

Growing up I had the opportunity to try out for a Select soccer program in my neighborhood. As I try to remember, there was roughly 40-50 kids there trying to make one team.

After two days of tryouts, I get the call that I was one of the lucky 16-18 kids that made the team and from there started my journey to perfect my skill and play in tournaments and invitations across the nation for the right to be a champion.

For multiple years I played for the Northmont Rowdies, when the team eventually split up, I moved on to one of our rivals, Wayne Warriors for a small stint. From there I went on to another round of tryouts for an elite team that was forming, called Team Dayton.

As the years had gone by, we would win multiple trophies, be heartbroken in some defeats,  I got a chance to reminisce, thanks to my parents for holding on to all the tournament programs throughout the years. But instead of keeping them on a book shelf, I decide to scan in the covers to show off the designs of the individual tournaments.

Soccer Blast '95
Soccer Blast '96
Soccer Blast '97
Soccer Classic '97
Continental Alliance '98
Creek Classic '94
Creek Classic '00
Fall Ball '97
Fort Wayne '99
Jarosi/Willis Cup '97
Louisville Invitational '99

MASC '99
Sycamore Arsenal '96
Team Dayton '98
Team Dayton '96
Warrior Classic '97
Warrior Classic '93

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sketchbook Illustrations with Leaves

I always remembered taking leaves and pressing them into a book to preserve them for no particular reason. But the Sketching Backpacker finally took it to the next level.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Photo Constructs

Landscape architect Scott Hazard uses carefully layered photographs to create delicately torn shapes symbolizing plumes of smoke, clouds, and mysterious portals in walls.

Breaking Writer's Block

There is reason to have writer’s block when you are using these creative journals to capture your ideas.  Write, sketch and doodle your way through a creative idea using this unconventional set of notebooks.

Via Davison Creators

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chromatic Typewriter

By replacing the ink ribbon with paint blocks on an antique typewriter, artist Tyree Callahan has created a new conceptual medium in which the notions of paint and words converge. Initially started as an experiment to apply watercolor text to a work in progress, the project grew to the resulting object, aptly named the chromatic typewriter.

“I also tried to incorporate things that would offer a significant suspension of disbelief to the piece. The ribbon, for one. At the moment, it is a slice of a stellar spectrum analysis of our sun. An homage to the one thing that really makes art what it is in the universe: light. The keyboard's spacebar also incorporates the idea of 'negative space.'"