Sunday, June 26, 2011

Footprint Sandals

Ready for a beach vacation! Creative wooden beach sandals inspired by traditional Japanese footwear. Ashiato sandals come in five colorful designs that allow you to leave paw prints of five different animals.

Kiko+ produces playful and lovely toys for kids.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Every Image has a Sound

Love these interactive sound posters created by a Brazilian advertising agency. The campaign is for Saxsofunny, a sound production company, entitled 'Every Image has a Sound'

Hear the posters in action:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zoom In and Out of New York

Alfonso Zubi­aga takes you over New York’s busy streets and through its most rec­og­niz­able land­marks. By zoom­ing in and out of every­thing from its iconic sky­scrap­ers to its trade­mark yel­low taxi cabs, he takes us on a wild ride.

The series was shot in 2008 and that the photos were taken from the Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building as well as all around Manhattan over the course of 10 days. Using a single image, he reconstructed it digitally by successive layering and by centering the image in the places that piqued his interest the most.

"I wanted to evoke the feeling of vertigo in the city," he tells us. "New York is probably the most photographed city in the world, and my intention is to portray it in a different way than what has been done so far."

Kinect Graffiti

I love the hacks that have become with the Xbox Kinect. The stills look a lot like light painting/graffiti trend that's picked up with the rise of digital photography.

Kinect Graffiti™ is a digital graffiti tool using "Microsoft Kinect" camera. Idea behind this project is to use the kinect to track the motion behind graffiti. Visualizing the body and drawing trough different angles in real-time, understanding surrounding space, pausing the time, etc.

Kinect Graffiti (29-03-2011~06.49.46) screenshot frame 02856

Kinect Graffiti™ from Jean-Christophe Naour on Vimeo.

Via Core77

Monday, June 6, 2011

3D Landscapes

Nobuhiro Nakanishi had the idea to capture horizons and turn them into three dimensional landscapes by cutting into slices of glass plates. Trying to think and to freeze time, the Japanese artist unveils his work.

Via Fubiz