Sunday, March 15, 2009

Global Warming Hits Home

I'm not really big on this Global Warming issue. Frankly I think it's a load of bull. I am, however, all for reducing our carbon footprint. After watching this environmental public service announcement, I've reconsidered and will take another look at this in a better perspective.

This environmental PSA from a Brazilian ad agency Ponoto de Criacao quietly and skillfully dramatizes the problem of climate change. "When you feel it, it's already too late." are powerful words. The image at the end is a vivid realization that can have a lasting impressions on anyone.

Please take the time to do anything to save our mother earth.

Via AdFreak.

Live Every last Drop

The beer bottle in this Heineken ad from McCann Erickson Dublin has lived quite the life. From the brewery to the journey it endures before it finally makes it "splash" at the party.

Nice spot, I really enjoyed the music and makes you think before we die, does our life flash before our eyes? Was it a life that we could look back on and say you did everything to live life to the fullest?

This is the second post for Heineken. Check out this comical spot: Every. Man's. Dream.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Napkin Notebook

Creative brilliance can come from anywhere. What's important to remember is what setting you were in. Some of the greatest ideas started from a sketch on a cocktail napkin.

Euro RSCG Worldwide has developed the Napkin Notebook, a spiral-bound collection of cocktail napkins ready to be filled with notes, sketches and your creative content. Plus it's handy in case you want to grab the number of that cute girl at the end of the bar.

Where were you the last time you had a great creative idea? Go the site and sketch or write on the notebook, and email your creation or idea to a friend.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fruit Wars: Blackberry vs. Apple

I'm in the process of buying a smartphone. And after initial review and that everything I do is related to Apple. I have chosen the iPhone. Apple, Inc. is a company of innovators and I happen to be attractive to that, but when it comes to fruit...well I might be swayed by the Blackberry.

Guava Studios produced a fruity campaign for Blackberry. I’m sure the Apple doesn’t stand for anything or represent any familiar touchscreen device or anything.

And if you don't like your Blackberry. There is a following for you: Crackberry.

Mixing Business With Pleasure

The economy appears to be in a downward spiral. How do you lift morale during the downturn? Install an indoor slide!

In an office building in Britain, designers created a slide made of steel and plastic that is 87 feet long and a 40 foot drop. No more waiting for an elevator!

In seven exhilarating seconds you can descend from the third floor to the ground floor in the reception area.

A creative way to mix business with pleasure. The slide may be a gimmick, but a unique way to make a case of the Mondays a little more spirited.

Space is the Limit (.com)

We've all heard of a message in a bottle floating in the ocean. What about a message floating in space?

Because the world is overcrowded with commercial messages, you have to look beyond the horizon and raise the bar.

In April, Interactive Art Director '09 and Hyper Island in Stockholm will take your personal e-messages that you can submit on their site and will fly them into space. This is your chance to market yourself to the extra terrestrial beings. Over 2000 messages have been created. You can take a look at the Space Stats.

Take a look: Space is the Limit

Is this the future of communication or an opportunity to pollute space with our trash?

Also take a look at the 2008 collaboration.