Friday, October 10, 2008

On the Defense - PC Wars

Ok, I'm sure all those Mac geniuses out there are having a field day with Vista and Microsoft. Doesn't it seem like they have to defend themselves constantly? The Mojave project was the first uh-oh. Did Microsoft have to lie to the consumers to get them to like the product again? What happened to the fun and delicious Seinfeld and Bill Gates ad. That was a great tv spot, but it seems like they are stuck on trying to reconcile with the consumers. Microsoft Windows are trying to defend a product that just isn't functional.

Here is the latest try with one from the series of I'm a PC, again to defend against Mac's reputation to show how ancient PC has become. It's the new smear campaign to go along with Barach and McCain campaigns.

That commercial doesn't scream I want a PC. No strengths/attributes were included in the ad just the use of celebrity endorsements, that I'm sure was costly, but one problem with the campaign’s credibility....the ad was created using a Mac.

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