Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Day Poem Pavilion

Jiyeon Song’s One Day Poem Pavilion uses light and shadow to reveal poems. What is termed Experiential Typography. "Experience" has become one of the important keywords for many areas such as marketing, interaction, design, brand management, architecture, service design, and even in art. Designers, architects and branding companies are focusing their efforts toward creating memorable and engaging experiences.

The poem in the park consists of 5 lines with each line lasting about an hour.

The results of an extensive exploration with shadows, the One Day Poem Pavilion demonstrates the poetic, transitory, site-sensitive and time-based nature of light and shadow.Using a complex array of perforations, the pavilion’s surface allows light to pass through creating shifting patterns, which – during specific times of the year – transform into the legible text of a poem.

View the timelapse video of the whole poem.

Via My Modern Met.

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