Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rabbit in Your Headlight

Another music video post. This video was released in 1998 by Unkle with Thom Yorke doing vocals. Director Jonathan Glazer – critically acclaimed for his films, commercials, and music videos – shot the video in real-time and allowing the diegetic sounds produced by objects and characters to be audible above the music. It differs from that video in that the music itself is non-diegetic. Rabbit in Your Headlights is such a great music video – won MVPA Best International Video of the Year Award in 1999 – it actually has it owns Wikipedia page. The money shot comes around the 4:22 mark.

It is wildly theorized that:
"The nonsensical ramblings show a man in transition, confusion, a state of delirium - a man undergoing enlightenment. Audible surroundings underline the abuse he is receiving, the inescapable aggression and oppression of life. His resolve demonstrates a bravery; he stands up to the hierarchical shit of the world, and realises that we, as living creatures, are stronger than the machines we create - we can reach a sublime state, a nirvana - and thus, in Jesus-like pose, he becomes all powerful. And while his final pose has a religious element to it, it is more to do with spiritual realisation in the non-religious sense - a much more personal response to the world. His arms are lower than a crucifix pose, below his waist - demonstrating more power. His clenched fists and closed eyes also show ultimate power in the mind and body. The loss of his hooded jacket again shows a discarding of human influence and of the need to hide from the elements - he is free, omniscient, omnipotent, alive."

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