Saturday, September 6, 2008

The World's Biggest Ad

Ran across this website, in creation of the World's Biggest Ad. The company Photolibrary provide creatives with access to over 3 million images and over 2,000 hours of footage.

Using an online product, Ad Builder 1.0, similar to Photoshop, anyone can become part of the construction. In a group advertising effort, to help cross promote interactive TBWA and give designers the ability to use their talents and even select certain images to see who created them.

Using a cool piece of technology, you are taken to what looks like a basic image editor. You can then build your contribution through your web browser with an interactive desktop allowing the user to select from Photolibrary's stock images to compose an ad.

The campaign began July 23rd, the objective is to spread the word to the ad community that royalty-free images offer plenty of scope for creativity. The campaign has raised Photolibrary’s profile in the stock photo/creative industry. (I never heard of them until now.)

This new viral campaign is the next phase. It builds on the pull marketing concept on the web, by directly involving the audience, whether it being mainly designers or creatives, it helps get the consumer involved. Everyone can submit a small section of the ad, and ultimately create the world’s biggest ad.

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