Friday, August 8, 2008

Calm Before the Storm

The quick-turnaround for a viral campaign is critical and it usually shows how strong brands can stay current with today's trends. Well not necessarily a trend in this case, but a strong gail of wind forcing a tree to fall to the streets was captured by amateur video. The falling tree almost hit a car. The agency, Colenso 99, took the original footage and recreated the scene of for a Jeep owner "Having fun out there."

99 Auckland explains;
"Last week saw some of the worst storms in recorded history to hit New Zealand and what defined this in the hearts and minds of New Zealanders was viral footage and News coverage of a falling tree almost hitting a car in Nelson, South Island. 99 Auckland thought about the Jeep brand proposition of 'Have fun out there' and what would happen if a Jeep was there? The original footage was sourced, and we recreated the scene of a Jeep owner doing just that, 'Having fun out there.' The viral was sent out a day after the news coverage aired, to maintain relevancy."

This would have been even better if they aired the ad on TV after the news the next day - but such quick media-buy is long gone isn't it?

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