Monday, August 18, 2008

Stopping Leaks Better than a Plumber

A young actor with a rare talent bursts onto the scene. Huggies contracted JWT, New York for this promotion. It had to deliver a powerful message targeting moms where they spend a lot of their time...on the Internet.

Premise: The advertisement shows a father changing his son's diaper at a party. Everything in this room and even old dad gets soaking wet as soon as the diaper is off. The scenario repeats until the father is able to secure the diaper. "Huggies. Nothing stops leaks better," is the tagline at the end.

This original ad called "Geyser" aired several months ago. The popularity of the ad prompted JWT to create a "mockumentary" version, dubbed "Inside the Diaper."

Anyone with a baby boy can relate to a child and their uncontrollable urge. In order to engage moms and be able to convey a difficult message that typically compares a brand name to the "leading" brand. It's able to put a little comedy behind the natural wonders of old faithful.

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