Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tiger Performs First Miracle

Here's a funny viral video from EA Sports. About a year ago a YouTuber uploaded a video of a glitch in Tiger Woods 08. He was able to get Tiger to stand on top of a lake and drive the ball into the hole. In response, EA came out with this viral video to show that what the poster had claimed, is indeed true in real life. View the original video here.

Like a previous post, Calm Before the Storm, It's a clever way for advertisers to use social media sites that have become so popular for viral related content. The best marketing is that in which you can get the consumer involved and what a better way than to pick out a video to showcase a product and to ease into a pull market by having he consumer spread the word. The agency Wieden + Kennedy, Portland came up with the idea to create a video response and launched the ad on Youtube. As of Saturday afternoon, the video had been viewed more than 900,000 times.

A little blasphemous. The company had concerns that the "Jesus shot" phrase used in the original YouTube video, as well as showing Woods walking on water, had the potential to offend some people. However, the feedback from consumers has been uniformly positive.

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