Thursday, August 7, 2008

Forget the Glove Test

This girl and her tongue find out just how clean her hotel room really is. Extended Stay America uses this viral video, cleverly named "A Girl, Her Tongue and a Hotel Room." In it, a blonde woman steps into a hotel suite and begins to lick things. With the call to action an offering the URL inked on her palm.

Call me a bit skeptical, but I find that I happen to like seeing how clean a hotel room really is with one of those flourescent black lights we typically saw on a local news feature. But Extended Stay America – and agency Mullen, seem to have captured the essence of what clean is for a hotel.

I can't seem to figure out if this is an ad for porn or for a hotel. Even the URL EXTSTAY sounds like ecstacy, so maybe in each room you get a cute blonde willing to lick every nook in your room.

I think the only medium this is good for is web/viral though. I can't even imagine what the parent organizations would do if they got a hold of this on network or even cable television.

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