Saturday, August 23, 2008

More than Meets the Eye

In a campaign to create more hype around USA Network's hit espionage show, “Burn Notice,” mailed out 14,000 “FYC” (For Your Consideration) press kits, printed in invisible ink. The elaborate kits, produced by TDA Advertising and Design, each have a slip-cover, 3-panel, hardcover kit holding a UV flashlight and the instructions:

Step 1: Use this flashlight to reveal hidden text.
Step 2: Deny you ever used this flashlight.

Across all three panels, no other words or images are visible, except under black light – at which point photographs of the lead actor and supporting actress, a list of six potential “Drama Series” Emmy nominations, and four press blurbs (e.g. “The show floats along on a spy’s handbook. Narration that sounds remarkably convincing.” – L.A. Times) come into view. Also, tucked into a slot are 4 DVDs with this season’s 12 episodes, plus written synopses.

The hour drama about an ex-spy runs Thursdays at 10PM EST on USA Network.

Great execution for this direct mail kit. Out-of-the-box thinking but practical for reading? Probably not, but will get the show some great buzz.

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